Bubble wrap.....

First off today I want to share this clip with all of you. I found this on my facebook page and I loved it.           This is ME!

So what do you guys think?
Again, today was a crappy day so I didn't get to plant any of my pots. I hope that I get a chance to do some tomorrow.

In the meantime I'd like to share some of them with you.

These are the ones I made. The one with the bird is a bird bath that will be a gift. Hope they like it. The one next to it has some beach glass added to it, my first..and hope the glass stays on. I made some small "pinch pots". I like these and think they'll look really cute planted.

These pots are some of Cheryl's creations. Can you see the detail on the rectangle trough? That's right....she used some bubble wrap in the form. Gosh! It came out so nice and can't wait to see this one with some plants in it. Yup! That's gonna be my next try.
This last one has my mushroom with some of my other pots sitting on the lobster (lobstah) trap. Not sure about this. The Faire was a gift from a good friend. I love it.

That's it for today.........hope it was a good one!
Till the next time.................................


  1. you are going to be covered in pots and flowers.

  2. Thanks Kim. Cathy, I think most of these will be gone if I can tear myself away from them. Hehehe.

  3. Donna,You have to show me how !!! love-m. Great craft item. Yes I also have a blog. Its a spin off of Cathy's. Can these be painted n are there weep holes in the bottom ? dave.

  4. Thanks so much Dave. Would love to show you how they're done.....very easy and yes a great craft item. Stop over and would love to show them to you. Yes, the can be painted or stained. Quickrete sells a stain for concrete and they can have a drain hole in the bottom.
    Great talking with you.


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